Today, let’s tackle a common struggle: mastering impulse control over food.

We’ve all been there—faced with a tempting treat and feeling the urge to give in.  But here’s the thing: that urge comes from your lower brain—the primal, instinctive part that craves instant gratification.

But fear not! You’re not at the mercy of your lower brain. You’ve got the higher brain—the prefrontal cortex—on your side. This part of your brain governs decision-making and self-control; it’s where your super power lies.

So, how do you harness the power of your higher brain to silence those annoying urges?

Here’s the key: your lower brain can’t make you reach for food. It can only send signals—the urge.

Your higher brain is in charge of voluntary movement and makes the decision to eat the cake or to not eat the cake.

This fundamental and very basic understanding of the brain, made me realize I have more control over my behavior than I thought.

Once you grasp that the urge is merely a sensation, not a command, you can brush it off as a mere suggestion. Each time you let the urge just pass through and just ride it out, you’re learning to master self control.

Spoiler alert: victory tastes sweeter than any cake!

Keep going—celebrate each victory along the way. You’ve got this!