Stop Quitting

How to Stay on Track When Things go Sideways

Today, we’re diving into a topic that hits close to home for many of us: quitting our diets. 

Yep: We Have All Been There

  •  Faced with those moments when the cravings seem uncontrollable.
  •  Stress threatens to derail our progress.
  •  Or exhaustion makes sticking to our plan feel impossible. 

But guess what? We’re not throwing in the towel—not today! Let’s talk about those moments when things go sideways.  You know the ones:

  • That extra slice of cake that seemed like a good idea at the time.
  • The stress-eating sessions that leave us feeling guilty.
  • Or the times when we choose comfort food over our long-term goals.

It happens, and it’s okay. But if we keep going is dependent on how we respond to these setbacks. We’ve all heard that relentless inner critic—the one that says we’re not good enough, that we always mess up, that nothing we do will ever work.

Well, it’s time to tell that voice to take a hike. Because here’s the truth: every setback is an opportunity to learn, grow, and become stronger.

We don’t throw in the towel because of hurdles; we do it to hush that nagging little voice saying, “Just give up already!”

I’ve been there my friend. I’ve faced my fair share of setbacks on my own journey to wellness. It all starts with rewiring how we speak to ourselves. Instead of beating ourselves up over every slip-up, let’s celebrate the small victories—the days we choose veggies over cookies the times we go to the party and skip the drinks.

Here’s the deal: we’re not just here to survive, we’re here to thrive. So, let’s learn from our mistakes, make a plan for what will work, and keep pushing forward. 

Let’s remember that every setback is just a detour, not dead-end. Keep moving forward, keep believing in yourself, and never, ever give up.

Love and determination,


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