I lost the excuse “To always put others first”
- Mary

About 10 years ago I became the primary caregiver for my Mom when she made the decision to move in with us, at that point, I was eating well and exercising regularly and had managed to take off about 30lbs that I had regained over the years, and as 60 was fast approaching I wanted to be able to do more & be healthier. I was doing very well with maintaining my weight loss until June 4, 2015, when in the wee hours of the morning my Mom took a fall breaking her neck which left her paralyzed from the neck down. She was medivacked to VGH where the very hard decision was made to let her pass as the prognosis was not good. My parents had been divorced since I was 16 but in the later years they had become friends and my Dad took the passing very hard and started to decline. Again, I took on the roll of primary caregiver over the next 5 years I regained the 30lbs previously lost until his death in June 2020. Over the next 2 years, I gained another 8lbs always putting everyone else’s needs above my own until June 1, 2022, when my Granddaughter announced her engagement and requested that I dress for the occasion. I joked that I don’t wear dresses & heels but deep down I wanted her & my son to be proud of me & I did not want to look like the frumpy old grandmother.

Through the success of a family member, my daughter & I heard about & decided to check out Ideal Protein and there has been no looking back. For me, it has been an easy journey compared to many other “Diets” I have tried. I am turning 70 in February and will be the healthiest I have been in a very long time. I am off blood pressure medication which is a huge win. I am not an exercise person but this program works even without exercise. I did, however, start walking slowly at first and now on average, I walk approx. 4-5km a day. I surpassed my goal to lose 30 lbs and am now 36 lbs lighter and couldn’t be happier. I bought a fancy dress for my Granddaughters wedding and I am looking forward more than ever to showing off my newfound curves and rocking my new dress!!

Huge thank you to Violet & Iris, for all of your coaching, support & encouragement throughout this process.

If I can do it…….. anyone can do it!

This grandma is looking hot at 70.

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